Determining Potential Natural Gas Liquids (Ngl) In A Natural Gas Stream

The amount of potentially recoverable NGL based from a natural gas stream can be estimated from the following formula:

Potential NGL component (tons per annum) = VyCF


V = Volume flow rate of natural gas, MMSm3/day (Std conditions are P= 1.01325 bara, T = 288.15K)

Note: MM= Million

y = mole percent of the component in natural gas

CF = Component factor (see table below)

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Example: 3 MMSCMD of NG is available for processing. This gas contains 5.4% mol propane. What is the potential propane recovery from the NG?


Potential Propane Recovery (w/o Recovery factor and plant on-stream factor) = 35.46800 = 110160 t/a

Considering a plant recovery factor of 70% and plant on-stream factor of 335 days, the average propane recovery per annum would be:

1101600.7(335/365) = 70,770 tons per annum (t/a)

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