Reverse Osmosis

R.O. is a process of forcing water, by pressure, through a membrane (plastic) with microscopic pores which will separate the dissolved solids from the water. The water produced is equal in quality to distilled water.

R.O. removes up to 90-98 % of minerals, organics, bacteria, and viruses from water. dissolved gases such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide are not removed. Many of today’s chemical contaminants are also removed.

R.O. requires water which does not exceed 8 grains of hardness and all iron must be removed prior to the R.O. unit. A 5 micron cartridge filter is required ahead of the R.O. to eliminate sediment plugging of the membrane.

A water sample should be submitted to Marlo for analysis before installing an R.O. unit to ensure that the TDS does not exceed the limits. If nitrate removal is the purpose of the R.O. installation, we must have analysis to determine actual % of removal based on TDS.

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