Description: Graduate Chemical Engineer must know P&ID


What is P&ID?

P&ID is an acronym for Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.

Since it is a diagram, as a graduate chemical engineer (provided you are working or wish to work in the same field) you must know how to read, draw and review P&ID.

To make, read, interpret and review P&ID is one of the quintessential skills that you can learn.

In fact, most of the time companies may hand over some P&ID’s of past projects to you at the beginning of your professional career. In the hope that you can be in a position to handle and take charge of numerous diagrams and documents.

Graduate chemical engineer students are not well versed with understanding and working with P&ID’s.

As a part of the graduate course material, the only thing you come across is the primary difference between PFD and P&ID. You may learn more things about P&ID depending on the course module of your university.

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